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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a common problem for many people.  Cellulite is a common and unsightly condition that causes an uneven appearance to the skin due to irregularities in the subcutaneous layers—just under the skin.  Unfortunately, cellulite is no respecter of persons, age, sex or weight.  Cellulite can affect the young and even the thin as well as the aged or the overweight.  Until recently though, treatments for cellulite were almost as unreliable as they were painful.  The pushing, pulling, stretching, pounding, sucking (vacuums), lasers, etc. that have characterized cellulite treatment in the past were usually quite painful. 

Now, the Apollo’s Tripollar treatment device breathes new life into the hopes of people suffering from cellulite!  The Carlton Clinic is pleased to offer this proprietary device for the reduction of cellulite to help improve the self-image and confidence of those who suffer from them.  Best of all, this new modality for the treatment of cellulite is not only reliable, but is also painless and almost completely free from discomfort!  The Apollo treatments are so comfortable that many patients report a sensation like “a warm massage.”  Many patients actually fall asleep while treating their cellulite!

Outdated treatments for cellulite such as lasers, dermabrasions and chemical peels, can only be used on people with fairer skin tones.  They have an increased risk of procedural failure and even disfiguring unevenness in the color and tone of skin.  Unfortunately for these older treatments, the darker the patient's skin tone, the worse the risk was for a bad outcome.  Fortunately, the Apollo Tripollar device is appropriate for all skin types and colors.  It safely, effectively and comfortably smoothes and tightens all skin tones—from the lightest to the darkest skin tones!   

Call The Carlton Clinic now at 256-235-3665, to schedule your free and no obligation evaluation to see if the Apollo treatment for cellulite is right for you!

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