The Carlton Clinic's website is to inform its viewers on the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT or BHRT), supplements, and to provide information on finding one First-Class clinic to provide them.
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We strive to give you a first class experience from start to finish.  At The Carlton Clinic, this is not just a trite slogan.  Have you ever seen a doctor's office that had NO waiting room?  Welcome to The Carlton Clinic!  No waiting and no time pressure during appointments are the standard here. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is just the beginning!  We want you feeling "first class" every day, not just when you see the doctor.  While hormone replenishment is vital for looking better, feeling better and reducing your risks for various diseases related to aging, they are only part of the picture.  Information is also available on nutrition, supplements and exercise, and can be gone over as part of your evaluation. 

In the future, The Carlton Clinic will also offer strength and exercise evaluation for functional performance testing.

Contact us now for free information or to arrange an appointment to GET YOUR LIFE BACK!


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