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Dr. and Mrs. Richard Snouffer

Dr. Richard Snouffer, bioidentical HRT specialist, and wife
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Why HRT?

The scientific literature supports the use of bioidenticals for HRT.  When properly balanced and optimized through HRT, bioidentical hormones, including thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, HGH, DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin and Vitamin D, reduce disease, and increase your sense of well-being. They are the keystone of Anti Aging Medicine.

 Research has shown that up to 75% of the ailments, aches, limitations, decreased energy and vitality associated with aging are preventable!  Decreasing hormone levels are the cause, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the answer, but few physicians understand their relationship to the symptoms commonly associated with aging.  Even fewer physicians are well versed in the advantages that natural, bioidentical HRT provides.  Replacement of your natural, bioidentical hormones relieves many of the problems and symptoms of aging.  This is the goal and focus of anti aging medicine.

Is HRT really necessary?

Most people look their best, feel their best, have the most energy, the least disease and the least difficulty keeping weight off during their early adult years, peaking sometime in their 20's.  It is no coincidence that this is also when our hormones are at their peak as well.  Starting in the early to mid 30's, hormone levels start to drop significantly for most people. When hormone levels drop, without HRT, and more specifically, Bioidentical HRT, the risk for diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, many cancers and obesity all go up.  You become more tired, more irritable, frequency and satisfaction with sex go down, and it is more difficult to keep off weight.  Replacing these failing hormone levels through bioidentical HRT, then monitoring and keeping your hormones at optimum levels, reduces or reverses all of these negative things. 

So when our key hormone levels are up, we feel better, look better and are healthier.  When our key hormone levels drop, we feel worse and are sicker.  When we replace those hormone levels through bioidentical HRT, we feel better and become healthier again.  A better question would be, why wouldn't you want to look better, feel better, have more energy, a more satisfying sex life and reduce your risks of all those diseases, too?

Bioidentical HRT also offers hope for relief from some of the symptoms of migraine headaches and some illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and lupus.

Why bioidentical HRT?

A bioidentical hormone is one that is identical in chemical structure as what your body naturally makes--or used to make in your youth.  The truth is nothing can be better for your health than the natural hormones that, in your youth, your body made in abundance.  This is the philosophy behind bioidentical HRT  Many studies have demonstrated that natural, bioidentical HRT restores normal function and actually reduces the risks for diseases that the non-bioidentical, synthetic hormone HRT raises.  In addition to looking and feeling younger, having renewed vitality and restored energy, bioidentical HRT reduces many risks of diseases that strike increasingly with age, including heart disease, stroke, certain dementias and certain cancers.  Weight loss is a common benefit of bioidentical HRT.

Glaring headlines serve to frighten many people away from the subject of hormones and HRT entirely.  Yet, almost all of those problems are caused by the use of non-bioidentical and in fact, decidedly unnatural, synthetic HRT.  Unfortunately, most doctors do NOT use bioidentical hormones when they initiate HRT.  Most use non-bioidentical synthetics.  For example, Premarin is the most commonly prescribed estrogen HRT prescribed in the US.1  Premarin, concentrated from PREgnant MARe urINe (hence the name PRE-MAR-IN), contains over 20 versions of estrogen that are utterly foreign to the human body.  This causes side effects, some of which are life-threatening, when used for HRT.  Premarin may be "natural" but it is only bioidentical if you are a pregnant horse.  HRT with this non-bioidentical is responsible for many women having been driven away from HRT by Premarin's multiple side effects, some of which can be quite serious.  Although medroxyprogesterone is non-bioidentical, the active ingredient in Provera and found nowhere in nature, it is the most commonly prescribed progesterone for HRT2.  A woman cannot stay pregnant without a bioidentical source of progesterone.  (It is usually provided by the woman's ovaries and by the placenta in later pregnancy.)  However,  Provera is markedly different from the bioidentical progesterone, so much so that HRT with the non-bioidentical medroxyprogesterone is so damaging to the growing baby that it is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy!  Furthermore using medroxyprogesterone (Provera) for HRT increases the risk for breast cancer, which is why women with a family history of breast cancer are routinely told to avoid HRT altogether.  However, the truth is that HRT with the natural, bioidentical progesterone actually decreases the risk for breast cancer!  How doctors came to almost exclusively use these radically different, often expensive, and greatly inferior non-bioidentical synthetics for HRT instead of the natural, bioidentical and superior products, has got to be an interesting tale.

These human-altered synthetic hormones are simply not as good as what God provided.  Whether you talk about HRT with HGH, thyroid hormone, testosterone, progesterone or estrogen, non-bioidentical, synthetic hormones are almost always either less effective, or associated with more side effects and adverse outcomes (or both!) than the bioidentical of the natural hormones your body makes.  The truth is, that the hormones your body made are the best for you, and that's why bioidentical compounds should be used for HRT.  Most hormones function with their receptors like a lock and key.  HRT replaces the missing keys when your body "loses" them.  Bioidentical HRT replaces the lost keys with an exact copy.  Synthetic HRT is like replacing the lost keys with keys that are close, but not quite the same.  Well, God made the lock and God made the key.  Who are we to assume that we can make a better key for a lock God made?  That is the philosophical underpinning behind bioidentical HRT.

Some hormones commonly used for bioidentical HRT at The Carlton Clinic include, thyroid (we prefer Armour Thyroid, a bioidentical form of thyroid hormone), human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone, estrogen, pregnenolone, and Vitamin D.  We also do some nutritional supplement counselling as beneficial for the support of bioidentical HRT and for Anti Aging purposes. 

Where can I get bioidentical HRT?

Bioidentical HRT requires a prescription from a medical doctor for most of the key hormones you need.  Also the guidance of a physician trained in bioidentical HRT will make your HRT regimen much more effective, efficient and safe.  Because bioidentical HRT and Anti Aging medicine are primarily consultant-based medicine, most people only need to be seen and examined by their Anti Aging specialist at the beginning of therapy.  Because of this many people choose to travel long distances to find an Anti Aging specialist that they trust.  The Carlton Clinic already has patients as far West as Nevada and as far East as the Washington, DC area.  The Carlton Clinic will also soon go international with an Anti Aging, bioidentical HRT clinic  on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Click on the link for more details!

Come to The Carlton Clinic.  Find out how to regain your youthful vigor and vitality . . . and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

Under normal circumstances, The Carlton Clinic exclusively uses Bioidentical Hormones in its HRT.  Some medical conditions exist that are exceptions, but these are rare, and the patient will be clearly counselled if any non-bioidentical or synthetic hormone has to be recommended for HRT.

Please note

The Carlton Clinic does not provide HRT for either testosterone or HGH for purposes other than hormone deficiency states, such as for aging management (anti aging) purposes.  Under no circumstances will The Carlton Clinic provide HGH or testosterone HRT for bodybuilding or sports performance purposes.  The Carlton Clinic does not prescribe growth hormone or testosterone HRT to males under age 40, without a demonstrable laboratory-confirmed hormone deficit and then only if the benefits of bioidentical HRT outweighs the risks for these patients.  The Carlton Clinic does not prescribe HRT with certain hormones to women of childbearing age.  While there is much Anti Aging Medicine and The Carlton Clinic can do to help these patients through bioidentical HRT and supplement recommendations, The Carlton Clinic will not recommend or prescribe bioidentical HRT or other therapies which, in the doctor's opinion, the risk/s outweight the benefits of HRT.

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Bioidentical HRT footnotes

1The statistical source for "The Most Commonly Prescribed Estrogen for HRT."  ***NOTE:  This site is not about bioidentical HRT, and much of the information it gives is about the non-bioidentical, synthetic forms of HRT.***

2The statistical source for "The Most Commonly Prescribed Progesterone."  (Actually, medroxyprogesterone is not a progesterone.  It is a non-bioidentical synthetic that has been changed so much from the bioidentical parent that it is actually in a new class of medicine called "progestins."  The Link would more properly read, "The medicine most commonly prescribed when a woman needs a progesterone.")  ***NOTE:  This site is also not specifically about bioidentical HRT.   Much of the information it gives is about the non-bioidentical, synthetic forms of HRT.***