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Tooth Whitening with Liquid Smile at The Carlton Clinic

Tooth whitening is the #1 requested cosmetic procedure, but up until now it has been costly and inconvenient. 
The Carlton Clinic has found a tooth whitening product, Liquid Smile®, that is less than half the price of traditional professional whitening systems, yet much more convenient.  Now you can whiten your teeth, professionally, in the comfort of your own home, in about one minute a day for 2 weeks!  No inconvenient trips back and forth to the doctor's.  No trying to shine ungainly lights on your teeth for far too long.  No messy and uncomfortable trays!
Perhaps best of all, used as directed, Liquid Smile accomplishes up to 5 shades whiter teeth with no tooth sensitivity and no "zingers!" 
Call Liquid Smile today for free, no obligation information on this procedure and pricing.  Receive your kit during the month of January, get "Before and After" photographs taken, and get an extra $20 off, while supplies last!


"All my life I was very self-conscious about showing my yellowed teeth in my smile.  For the first time I can smile wide with no regrets!"  -S.R.

Before and After Liquid Smile

Tooth Whitener Results

The Carlton Clinic's Liquid Smile patient.  (Used with permission.)

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